Monday, 25 November 2013

Come on Skinny Love - Bon Iver

So I started my diet around the 1st of July and since then I have lost one and a half stone. (I imagine you are clapping this achievement and to that I bow and say why, thank you, thank you!) However I've noticed that the more weight I've lost the bigger the clothes size I buy. for instance I'm currently wearing size 16 shorts, which I only bought last weekend, and a size 12 jumper, even though I'm currently a size 10. Maybe I'm trying to cover up so no one will tell me to stop losing weight, stop going to the gym and eat more? 3 years a go now I was anorexic, and although I know it's bad for your health and your mental well being, there's a large part of me that want's that body back and the attention it gave me. I know it's bad but I've never believed what others say about my body. The more people said you should eat more or you look very thin the more I didn't believe it and it gave me more determination to lose even more weight, the same goes for when I was overeating, people would say I needed to watch my weight, so I wouldn't and would eat even worse. Now I'm one and a half stone heavier then my absolute lightest weight and I'm both scared and motivated to lose more and get back to it. I know, what a cheery post eh?!      

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