Sunday, 3 November 2013

If you live alone and don't have any plans, it just gets darker - Simon Amstell

Last week I had to admit to a cashier in the Tesco's express that I was alone. to be fair I was buying alcohol and she was checking if I was with the people behind me, but still it felt kind of depressing, especially as the alcohol in question was lambrini. I spend all of my time either sitting/being alone wishing I was with some of my friends or at a party, or being slightly awkward at a party or with some friends wishing I was by myself watching Homeland on 4od. I'm trapped in a slightly vicious cycle! So I've set up this blog, whilst being alone, wishing I was with some friends or at a party. Partly because I want to get things off my chest, mainly because I don't want to buy a diary and who knows maybe I will make some new internet 'friends'

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