Tuesday, 26 November 2013

I Like Rusty Spoon's - Salad Fingers

I've always eaten cereal and soup with a teaspoon and was unaware, until my house mates joyfully told me that I was a 'weirdo,' that no one else done the same. My whole family have always eaten with little spoons and so I never questioned it. But to see the other's amusement at my little spoon I began to think  'Are we just the anomaly of the cutlery world?' If so I'm proud to be different, do you know how long it takes to eat coco pops or porridge with a little spoon? A while! Which means I can enjoy my food for longer, get full up more easily and never have to wait for other's to leave the kitchen table, as I'm always the last to finish. Teaspoon's, you rock!

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